TINT – My story. Shared the way I want.

I stumbled upon TINT when I was looking for a way of creating a social hub for my job’s social media. I work for the 60 Minute Kids’ Club, a non profit charity and it’s essential to connect with our audience and create an engaging community. Although we had an account for facebook, twitter, google plus, youtube, instagram, and pinterest sharing content was very fragmented and uncentralized.

Now that we use TINTUP for the 60 Minute Kids’ Club Social Hub, it’s been great for sharing the impact we’re having in a seamless and powerful fashion. We’ve been able to direct traffic to our website and keep it there. More importantly, we’ve been able to take control of our content and manage it so that it’s easy to distribute and access.

I’ve also been able to test it on my personal website and LOVE IT! So far I’ve created two TINT feeds.

TINT is great, it’s clean, it’s simple and most importantly it allows me to take control of my online content. In a prior post I wrote about my take on a new online experience. An experience that truly captures our story and the way we share it.

TINT allows my story to be shared the way I want it to be.

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