October 18, 2015

Mission Statement

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– Make the decision to be successful.

Success for me is living a principle-centered life. Principles are guidelines for human conduct that are universally agreed upon. These principles are fairness, human dignity, service, quality, excellence, potential, nurturance, and encouragement. Living everyday focused on these principles and striving to embody them is how I view and value success.

That being said, success is not a one time choice but rather a proactive decision. To be able to choose success would mean we can pick out or select it as an option as if it’s laid out for us to just take. This isn’t the case, the road to success will not be laid out for us and when we do find it, most often it will be difficult to navigate. It is up to us to find it and work to stay on route. In doing so we face obstacles and adversity specific to ourselves. In some cases, there will be no path and we will have to make it ourselves.

We must decide to be successful. To decide is to come to a resolution as a result of much consideration. It is with this state of mind and conviction that we become truly successful; that we make the proactive decision to take responsibility of our own attitudes and behaviours. To live with fairness when life sometimes isn’t fair. To nurture and encourage others even if we were never given that same care. To always strive for excellence and quality regardless of what it is that we do. To strive for human dignity for everyone regardless of creed, race, sex and/or sexual orientation. Most importantly, to always give with abundance despite how much or how little we may have.

banner 2“I find beauty and art in everything I do… I master my craft like an artist.”