A new online experience

The use of complex technology is only considered innovative when it is easy to use and when it provides a sense of autonomy.

Many people tend to say that they are not tech-savvy, yet they can operate their iPhone and start a facebook profile within 5 minutes. Today’s technology is about being practical and user friendly. It allows us to share our moments and express our opinions in just a few clicks.

I want to innovate and design my online experience. People tend to spend about 13 hrs / week in average web browsing, myself included, and with all this browsing I’ve noticed how fragmented our digital presence is.

There are many social media services and online apps that we use to get our opinions out but we are far from having an online experience that truly captures our story the way we want to share it. My vision is an innovative online experience that allows us to take control of our digital footprint. An experience whereby we can leave our mark on the online world in our terms.

I imagine an online experience that is filled with exploration and innovation. An experience that we can control and navigate.

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