Experiential Learning at Sandbox by DMZ

It’s back to school season! This past week I had the opportunity to engage with Ryerson University students and promote Sandbox by DMZ Entrepreneurship programming. It’s refreshing to see student leaders lead first years through a week of experiential events and fun problem-solving activities.

Although I went through the same experiences some years back in my first year of university, I can’t help to think back to my earlier adolescent upbringing when I think about experiential learning. Growing up, I clearly recall seeing my parents problem-solve through hard times. But I never viewed it as threatening or depressive. It was actually the opposite, challenges were embraced with optimism and true grit.

Their ability to take on opportunities and risks was a masterclass on entrepreneurship. As a by product to being raised in an entrepreneurial household, experiential learning was what I became accustomed to and learning through trial and error was embraced. As a result, problem-solving and design thinking became my outlook in life.

Experiential learning provided me with great lessons learned, however, it was still only one component of the educational experience. I had to modify my learning habits when it came to academics, standardized testing, scholarly reviews, statistics, etc. After my years of schooling, I found immense benefit in being able to create a learning environment that consisted of both academic and experiential learning.

I’m a student of life with a thirst for knowledge and continuous development. My affinity to learn every day has also allowed me to be an educator, leader, coach, and mentor. I now have the good fortune to coordinate programming on entrepreneurship and innovation out of Sandbox by DMZ.

Sandbox is the community arm to the DMZ — North America’s leading business incubator. We’re an open and collaborative space that provides access to a curated list of creative, digital and entrepreneurial skills and opportunities to students and the wider community. Unlike other learning spaces, our programs are free, interdisciplinary, hands-on and skills-based.

If you’re reading this I encourage you to visit https://sandboxdmz.ca and learn more of the FREE workshops we provide on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Alternatively, feel free to drop me a message or send me an email at antonio@ryerson.ca.

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