Project Manager with 8+ years experience in digital marketing and business development with success predicated on ensuring a collective win for all team members and stakeholders. Thrive in multi-sectorial collaboration with exceptional emotional intelligence and leadership qualities to ensure project delivery. Nice guy that gets shit done. 😃 ✅

Experienced in:

  • Project Management
  • Sports Business Management
  • Digital Marketing: Lead generation, landing pages and email marketing
  • Business Development
  • Events Management
  • Customer Relationship/ Success Management
  • Web Development & Content Management System: WordPress, Hostgator, Godaddy, Google Analytics
  • Google Apps, Adobe Photoshop, Slack, ASANA, Salesforce
  • Social Media and Content Curation: LinkedIn, Facebook ads, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Hootsuite, TINT, Crowdfire, and Iconosquare
  • SEO/SEM: Google AdWords, Keyword/ Content Research and Analysis
  • Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint

Specializing in:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • Storytelling
  • Leadership & Mentorship
  • Kinesiology & Fitness
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Sports Development
  • Physical Literacy


Programs Coordinator, Sandbox by DMZ

September 2017 – January 2018, Toronto, ON

Programs Coordinator at Sandbox by DMZ. Sandbox is the community arm to the DMZ – North America’s leading business incubator. We’re an open and collaborative space that provides access to a curated list of creative, digital and entrepreneurial skills and opportunities to students and the wider community. Unlike other learning spaces, our programs are free, interdisciplinary, hands-on and skills-based.Sandbox is the community arm to the DMZ – North America’s leading business incubator. We’re an open and collaborative space that provides access to a curated list of creative, digital and entrepreneurial skills and opportunities to students and the wider community. Unlike other learning spaces, our programs are free, interdisciplinary, hands-on and skills-based.

  • Planning and implementation of student engagement programs, with the goal of stimulating collaboration and innovation within Ryerson University’s distinctive zone model of education.
  • Coordinate programs to engage with secondary school students, Ryerson students, and the local community to develop their knowledge and skills to prepare them for entrepreneurship and the innovation ecosystem.
  • Engage students and the community through presentations, mentorship programs and events within the Sandbox.

Office Administrator, Ballsports Inc.

March 2017 – July 2017, Toronto, ON

Ballsports Inc. is a premier recreational facility and sports content provider located in downtown Toronto. Through various related entities they provide multipurpose sport solutions to the recreational community.

  • Initiate, Plan, and Execute multipurpose sport solutions to a wide spectrum of clientele within sports and recreation, youth programming, and corporate.
  • Monitor, control and validate facility activities, operations and compliance to company policies.
  • Validate Scope and control scope of property events as well as estimate and budget property events.
  • Web management and digital marketing lead for community and stakeholder communications.
  • Lead customer success manager. Build relationships with members and stakeholders to ensure optimal client engagement and customer satisfaction.

Manager of Sport, Recreation & Community Outreach, Abilities Centre

January 2017 – March 2017, Toronto, ON

Abilities Centre is a world class 125, 000 square foot recreation, athletic and performing arts facility fully accessible to all persons of all ages and abilities.

  • Created strong and mutually beneficial partnerships with national and provincial sport organizations including Olympic, Paralympic and Special Olympic sports, in order to recruit and facilitate provincial, national and international training and competition opportunities at Abilities Centre
  • Developed and managed fully integrated and inclusive sport and recreation programs utilizing the Long Term Athlete Development model.
  • Maximize the use of the facility through cooperative programming initiatives, direct program partnerships, special events, rentals and other uses.
  • Planned, estimated and determined costs to support financial revenue opportunities and timelines.
  • Identified partnership opportunities that increased revenue from facility rentals and field bookings.

Director of Business Development, Open Sports

September 2016 – Dec. 2016, Toronto, ON

OpenSports creates a seamless engagement experience that unites communities of recreational sports players and amateur athletes around the world.

  • Improved Open Sport’s market position and increased growth in users by 20%.
  • Defined and executed long-term organizational strategic goals, built key customer relationships, identified business opportunities, negotiated and closed business deals.
  • Worked with the internal team, marketing staff, and other managers to increase sales opportunities that facilitated financial growth.


Founding Member & Project Manager60 Minute Kids’ Club

January 2012 – June 2016, Toronto, ON

The 60 Minute Kids Club is an international NPO program that motivates kids to get active and healthy, and learn how to create healthy habits.

– Project Management Officer overlooking charity regulations, program delivery, product development, IT management, and stakeholder engagement.

–  Initiated, planned and executed:

  • Business development strategies
  • Digital marketing and social media initiatives
  • Corporate partnerships relationships
  • Events management and public speaking
  • Community engagement and activations

–  Acted as liaison to school teachers internationally, principles, and high level educational stakeholders to increase program uptake and overall physical literacy advocacy.

UofTUniversity of Toronto, Kinesiology and Physical Education (BKPE), St. George Campus

BKIN Pratica Curriculum Instructor
February 2011 –2012, Toronto, ON

The Kinesiology and Physical Education (BKPE) program combines knowledge spanning the biophysical, psychological and physical cultural areas of study and includes course topics such as exercise physiology, psychology of injury and rehabilitation, motor learning and control, ethical issues and biomechanics.

  • Instructor for the Practica curriculum which is an integral education component to KPE student
  • It serves to broaden student’s practical application of human movement, anatomy, athletic conditioning, rehabilitation and client-worker relationships.
  • Contributed to the curriculum planning and development.
  • Planned and executed lesson plans that supplemented students theoretical knowledge and lecture material in motor control, anatomy, and physiological conditioning.



October 2009 – Present, Toronto, ON

At JAMFITNESS our goal is to entrench healthy and active habits into our clients every day routine and make healthy living a lifestyle. We are a group of passionate health leaders that are bringing Physical Literacy & Movement Culture to Toronto.

  • Assess and Initiate: e.g., screening measures, fitness assessment, physiological assessment, movement assessment.
  • Design and Plan: e.g., program planning, creation of a physical activity plan, designing lesson plans, exercise programs, research projects, etc.
  • Implementation and Execution: e.g., deliver exercise programming, therapy or rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, assist with research, facilitate workshops, write articles, etc.
  • Monitor and Control: eg. Provide ongoing check-ins and training measurements to ensure program deliverables are met. Engage client satisfaction and motivation to continuously enhance progress.



Project Management Institute Toronto Chapter

Project Coordinator, Corporate Sponsorship/Partnership Portfolio & Public Relations Portfolio.
April 2016 – Present, Toronto, ON

– Communicate and market PMI Toronto’s programs while building new relationships.
– Networking, developing bridges and creating partnerships while at the same time sharing, educating and informing others on project management.
– Support Leadership Forums (coordinate activities, reach out to facilities and venues, support organization of events)
– Work with other Portfolio members towards strategy/ execution and onboarding new members and partners


University of Toronto, Kinesiology and Physical Education (BKPE), St. George Campus

Professional Placement Mentor
Oct. 2013 – May 2016 Toronto, ON

BKPE Professional Placement Mentor to 3rd and 4th year students. Professional placements are conducted as a component of upper year KPE academic courses (KPE350Y/450Y). Courses aim to enable students with the practical tools necessary to succeed in a professional career setting.

  • Exposure to fitness training and training principles on human movement, strength conditioning, cardiovascular conditioning, and muscular endurance
  • Public health advocacy and health programming
  • Partnerships, community and stakeholder engagement
  • Project management methodologies
  • Customer relationship management
  • Marketing, sales and event planning

Director of Marketing Campaigns and Special Projects, Physical Literacy
January 2015 – Present, Toronto, ON

The Physical Literacy Organization serves to provide workshops to develop Physical Literacy Communities. We offer professional development workshops geared toward entrenching physical literacy into sport, education, fitness, and recreation.

  • Facilitating the introduction and uptake of Physical Literacy resources and programming.
  • Disseminate physical literacy, PL assessment tools, PL learning outcomes, and key stakeholders.
  • Develop Physical Literacy Communities through multisectoral collaboration and stakeholder engagement.
  • Health promotions and developing community engagement initiatives that support the implementation and uptake of physical literacy.
  • Physical Literacy and Health Strategic consulting including community planning & strategy development.


Dec. 2016 – In progress | PMP®

July 2016 – Jan. 2017 | The Starter Company Program, Enterprise Toronto

Sept. 2011 | Hootsuite Professional Certification

Graduated 2010 | Bachelor of Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Toronto, St. George Campus



Tommy Europe

Tommy EuropeFitness Guru, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Author, Former Pro Sports Athlete

“Antonio is an excellent team member and fitness instructor. Assisting with my SHRED Bootcamp on multiple occasions as an Instructor he was enthusiastic and motivational. His knowledge and experience ensured participants of SHRED Bootcamp were assisted with their exercises and provided modifications when needed. His energy propped everyone up, which reflects the motivating person that he is. I would recommend his fitness services any day, and look forward to working with him again!”

Mike Silverberg

Michael Silverberg, Global Talent Management Professional

“I would highly recommend Antonio as a personal trainer. His training programs are challenging, personalized and he is very flexible in terms of schedule as well as the program design itself. Antonio has a great attitude and helps push you to the next level, both in fitness and nutrition. Most of all he is very positive about fitness and helps motivate his clients to reach their goals.”

Ariel BenibguiAriel Benibgui
, Marketing Manager at Smucker Foods of Canada Corp.

“Antonio developed a plan to meet my fitness goals and helped me achieve them through his knowledge and experience. He kept things interesting and was well organized, and his friendly demeanor and positive reinforcement were a constant source of motivation.”


Tim KennedyTim Kennedy, Commercial Real Estate Investment and Leasing

“I can’t say enough about Antonio. He is a friend as well as a great service provider. Antonio trained me for about 6 months and provided me numerous tools to succeed. I’ve been in the gym 3-4 times a week in a productive manner ever since. I highly recommend his services related to health, fitness, and motivation.”


Nicola KrishnaNicola Krishna, Media Relations Professional

“Antonio is a dedicated champion of your cause. Driven to get results, he is not only a constant and positive cheerleader, but an honest expert in his field. Working with Antonio never felt like “work”. Not that he won’t push you to your limits physically, but his fun and outgoing personality makes you almost forget all the hard work you are putting in. I would recommend Antonio to anyone seeking a trainer who truly goes above and beyond.”



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